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About Me

Indigo Fahtinah

"Iya Indigo"

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Indigo “Iya Indigo” moved to Washington D.C. in 2004 to pursue her commitment to walking the path of spirit by initiating into the Lucumi Branch of Ifa to Oya. Iya believes that personal transformation is the key to all healing and has committed herself to expanding her knowledge as a practicing Medium and Spiritual Life Coach, holding certifications as Reiki Master, Champissage Practitioner, as well as having experience as an Energy Worker, Spiritual Circle Facilitator and Spiritual Product Crafter. The current changes in the world and being a devoted Iyalorisha have both inspired her to focus her attention on offering time and energy to assist others on their spiritual journey. Iya offers Intuitive Sessions and Oracle and Diloggun Divination for those looking for support. 

In addition to her spiritual work, Iya operates a studio offering nail care services and well-being modalities including:  vaginal steam therapy, reflexology, and ionic foot detox.

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