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Body, I thank you!

Dear Body,

I Thank You, I thank you for your creation and existence and covering my spirit. I thank you for your automatic functioning that allows me to be. Beginning this day and moving forward I will continue to honor you and care for you in the ways our world teaches us to admire material things. Because you exist, I am me.

Our physical being is much more that a form to be admired and altered to look pleasing.

It is the home for our spirit, our soul. How amazing is that?

How often do we take a moment just to be grateful for our bodies?

We spend so much time conjuring ways in our minds to make our bodies into what we think it should look like, picking this part of our SELF apart, instead of being grateful for its existence.

Let us all take a moment to realize just how powerful it is in its automatic functioning.

We have been designed with systems and organs that know what to do for us each moment of the day and night. It is worthy of gratitude.

Today, take a moment to acknowledge your body.

And be Grateful that it exists for you.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

Take a deep breath


Body, I thank you!


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