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What is there for you is always available

Oftentimes we spend an abundance of time looking outside of who we are, into the world of others.

Wishing and hoping that what we see of them actually happens in our own lives.

What we do not see is what it takes to get the things and the imagery that is blasted on TV or IG.

The material items, the trips, the luxurious dinners all come with a backstory.

The hours of hard work, the challenges, the uphill climb, the planning, setbacks and letdowns.


The gifting by companies as a marketing ploy or just the procurement through someone else's funds,love or gifting.

We should be inspired by the things we see as a motivation to achieve, through our personal best and passion to establish ourselves to become the person we desire to be.

To work in the ways that feel good to our soul.

To live on and in our purpose abundantly so the images we see, we can live, have or experience in our own way and in our own lives.

Are you in motion to live your best life?

Are you living the life you desire?

Are you inspired to access abundance?

Is your mindset aligned with abundance?

“Imagery is motivation and inspiration to amplify your life and your world!” Iya Indigo

Be Reminded

What is ideal for you is always available.

Be Aligned

Shift your mindset

Abundance awaits.


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