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Services I Offer

All services are designed to help you navigate your spiritual journey, emphasizing you as the captain.


Oracle Card Reading


Intuitive Session

Intuitive messages under the direction of an oracle deck. Complete reading with two clarity questions to close your session.
60 min session

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Ancestral Mapping


Directive/Follow-up/Check in

This is a quick call for clarity or follow-up. 15 min session 

There is an art and science to ancestral veneration that goes beyond prayer and libation. This session helps to identify those ancestral members who are of light and beneficial for your support. Prior to scheduling this session, be sure to identify and list your ancestors based on maternal and paternal lineage.
75-90 min session

Angels, ancestors and illuminated messengers are always available to offer love, light support and messages for you on your journey. With an open mind and sincere heart, information will be shared. 60min session

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